Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Wonderful World of Disney!!

This past week I have experienced the World of Disney first hand!  We have had a great time doing all sorts of fun, interesting, and educational things.  You know what the best part of this vacation has been.....The kids excitement throughout the parks!!!  Seeing the characters were a blast for them as well!!! We saw about every character we could think of!!  My son wasn't afraid of anything.  He rode every ride that he was tall enough for no matter if it was scary, intense, or just fun!!  We saw amazing parades, shows, and rides! The best experience was no doubt the Disney Castle show!!  I took a 3 min video of it so please enjoy as much as I did!! I stopped it right in the middle because I couldn't hold my arm up any longer.

That was a FABULOUS show!!!  I enjoyed that a lot!!  We are about to head to Universal Studios now because we got free tickets from my work for buying NBCUniversal!!  More pictures and video posible coming soon!!  Until then enjoy these 2 videos I took this week!!! The first is a group singing as we walked into Magic Kingdom and the second is my daughter getting pulled out of the crowd into a parade to dance with Frozone from the Incredibles!!