Thursday, December 15, 2016

Spread Christmas Joy!! Don't cause a Christmas Drought.

               I always thought Christmas was a time for family and friends?!? What happened to Christmas? I know it is said a lot, but why do we give thanks in November and then turn around and become greedy in December? They're are millions of kids out there asking Santa for gifts they would love to have. Adults see this as an opportunity to make money. You need more money for the holiday? Find a better way to accomplish it rather than taking money from the parents and a wish from a child. While you are busy being greedy, there is a child hoping to receive a special gift from Santa that they have been waiting a long time for.  They will be crushed when they don't open it on Christmas morning all because YOU decided to make some extra money.
               We are becoming so selfish that we would take from kids on Christmas. Sure, they will come back in stock later, and they can just get it at regular price again. That's not the point. Getting it on Christmas is special. Trying to explain to a crying child why Santa didn't get the one thing they were really hoping for is harder than spending the extra cash you just made. We all enjoy the great deals during the holiday seasons. Most people today see the deals as dollar signs!! When did money become so powerful?! Yes, we need it to make necessary purchases, but it doesn't have to define us. Think of others on Christmas! That is the whole purpose of Christmas, besides the obvious reason. Be thankful for what and who you have. Don't let yourself tell you what you need or want.
               Christmas is right around the corner. I know it is too late now for this to become relevant, but for the future lets try to think of those who are truly wishing for a wonderful Christmas! Let us all come together and be thankful for now and wishful for the future!! Let us all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!