Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Facebook Don't's

Facebook is meant to be a social website to share your everyday life with those that can't be there. It's a place where you can catch up on the lives of friends you have lost touch with. It's a place to go to and see funny pictures of anything you think of. THIS is what its NOT for:

1. Please stop bringing your drama and yelling at someone that did you wrong or pissed you off. I don't care and I am sure no one else except the person your bitching too cares. Call someone on the phone and vent to them or just yell at your brother/sister or your significant other, that's what mine does! LOL! Just leave it for Jerry Springer and keep it off Facebook!!!  Just Don't Do It!!!!

2. I like to play my PS3 probably a little more than I need to so I see where you would think I would want to play one of your Facebook games, but guess what....I don't!!!  STOP sending me game requests!!  If i wanted to play it I would search for games and play it. I don't get on Facebook to play games. I get on there when I am REALLY bored or have a few minutes to burn. I barely even post so you know I don't have time for your games. Please STOP!!  Just Don't Do It!!!

3. Just so you know, I DO believe in Jesus. I know his story. I love him as much as you do. I have his #1 selling book. I don't go to church regularly like I should, but that doesn't mean I don't know or care about it. I have my own ways of worshiping him. I appreciate you spreading the word, but please stop telling me to LIKE a post or I am going to Hell!!  I will go where he tells me to go when it's time, and NOT because I didn't LIKE your post!!!  I don't mind the scriptures as much, but when all I see is that it irritates me only because people act like everyone else doesn't know the word as much as you and you might be right but let them figure it out. If they don't know, there life is off track and they need to find a pit stop to refuel and get back on the right track!!  Summary, I love my Lord and always will so STOP asking me to LIKE some stupid photo or I am going to Hell!!  Just Don't Do It!!!

4. My birthday is March 11 so that make me a Pisces. {I know you can see where I am going with this}Amazingly, I could care less what your horoscope has to say for the day! If it comes true then someone GUESSED correctly that day but no one gets it right twice. More than likely, when you read your horoscope you live that day in hopes it will come true. Everything happens for a reason. In the words of Emmit Brown from "Back to the Future III", "No one's future is written yet. Your future is whatever you make of it.". I don't believe in superstition and I think everything has its own explanation!!  So PLEASE stop posting your horoscope!!!  I don't care and most everyone else don't care unless you believe in that and you are the same sign which I am sure that only a handful of your friends are!!  Just Don't Do It!!!

These are just a few that have been bugging me that I thought I would share. I know this won't get them to stop and will get a lot of hell for a few of them but I don't really care. This is my blog that I share my opinion to those that want to to read it!!  LOL!! I hope you agree but if not I understand. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to try and post more.