Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I Don't Vote

Ok, so I am registered to vote, but I am not interested in listening to all the BS that the candidates say on a daily basis.  It seems like every time they speak they are on the ten o'clock news apologizing for something they said in a debate.  Why can't they stick to the issues and stop worrying about making jokes and trying to get votes by befriending potential voters.  I mean....COME ON this isn't a frickin' stand up comedy bit!!! They spit out promises that they KNOW they can't make happen!!!  Tell me something you can do for me and not something you want to do for me.  Can's will happen Want's come with time and no one wants to wait for results, am I right?  Do you want to have important blood work done that will determine whether or not you have a serious illness or disease and be told it will take two to three weeks for the results?  No, you want to know THEN or at least within 24 hours.  I know that's a bad example and it takes time for those results, but wouldn't it be great if they took your blood and said to you, "Give me a few minutes and I will come back with the results."?  What about your tax refund?  You walk in and get your taxes done and they tell you it will take weeks for the refund to come in or there will be a charge to get in that day.  That's kind of what I am trying to explain. These candidates promise things that God couldn't get done.  Another issue I have are all the campaigns putting other candidates down instead of tell me why I should vote for you.  I don't care what this guy does or what he got arrested for 4 years ago.  I care about what YOU can do for ME and AMERICA!!!  It just irritates me when I watch these commercials that waste my time and valuable air time to tell me this guy is bad, vote for me!!!!  I will vote for the first representative that sticks with the facts, doesn't back down, is serious about issues and doesn't through around jokes, and most importantly...tells me what HE CAN do for me and America.  I just wanted to get that off my chest and if I offended you I do greatly apologize. I hope you enjoyed this and agree with a majority of what I said.

Back in 2012!!!!

Its been a loooooong time since I have posted anything so I decided tonight to fill everyone in on everything.  My 2011 was great but this new year will be even better!!!  I am still married to my best friend and we have our two wonderful kids!!  They are growing up so fast and I can hardly keep up. Peyton is 5 and about to complete his last year in preschool. He loves going and learning new things like letters and numbers and especially adding and subtracting.  Kaydee will start preschool next year and I hope she isn't too much to handle for the teachers.  She is in gymnastics, but they let her join the class a little earlier so she is younger than all the other kids.  I have only been a few times, and she seemed to be doing good.  Now I hear that she is bad every time she goes.  She makes the teachers hold her all the time and she goes to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Well.....all I can say is I am glad her grandma has to deal with that instead of me!!!  My kids make me feel old most days, but they are the best thing in my life....oh and my wife!!!!  If I don't say that she will think I forgot about her so....I love you, baby!!!!  As for me, I am doing great! I am still working at Comcast in Franklin, TN and my wife, Sara, is working as a loan officer at Ascend Federal Credit Union in Franklin, TN so go see her if you need money for anything!!  She will hook you up....but she likes to say no so be aware!!!  Well, that's all for the updating on my family!!  Have a great new year and, always, thanks for reading!!!!