Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!  I hope everyone is having a great easter with family and friends!  My day is going very well so far.  My kids got visited by the Easter Bunny this morning and were excited as if it were Christmas!!  My son, Peyton, got a 2 person tent and an air mattress with a Buzz Lightyear comforter that zips on the mattress.  He would NOT get out of the tent this year and asked already to sleep in it tonight.  My daughter, Kaydee, got a pink trike and loves it to death!  Of course, they both got easter baskets FULL of candy!!!  We gathered up after that and when to my in-laws to hunt easter egg because the Easter Bunny is a JERK and hid them over there, LOL!!!  It was great watching them hunt for them and the excitement  when they find one, "I found one, I found one!!!!".  Now I am sitting at my mom's waiting for Easter dinner to get done so we can eat and enjoy the day with family and friends!!  I will be making a separate page and posting pictures later so check in later and have a look at them.  I am gonna get off here now and spend some time with everyone.  Thank you for reading and have a GREAT Easter!!  

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sbarnhill said...

Happy easter to you my wonderful son love more than you know I had a wonderful day with you and all my family & friends You are amazing !!!!