Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Heat here...COOL IT!!!

I don't complain much online, but its gotten to the point when basketball season starts that I have an issue.  I, as do sooo many other people, am sick of hearing about Lebron and the Heat!!  Yes, they are a great team. Yes, Lebron is a great player. Yes, they have won back-to-back championships. BUT....they are....MORE teams in the NBA that, ALSO, have a great team, ALSO have great players, ALSO, can win a championship!!  Please stop giving praise to them and take them off the super high pedestal that you have gotten a scissor lift to place them on it. If they go, great. Not for me, because I will be rooting for the other team just so I can watch them lose and walk in the locker room with their heads down and ready to scream. The whole world knows that Eric Spoelstra's team motto is, "If you can't block it, flop it!". Everyone watches the games and sees them standing under the goal waiting for someone to breathe on them!!  Yes, I know that they get fined for flopping, but do you think they care about money? They are there to win games. Period. I have been sitting here for a few hours just listening to ESPN behind me and all I have heard is the Heat's chances of winning a third ring is most likely.  First of all, the season JUST started!!!  They are 1-0!! They will lose and I bet anything they will never make a run like last year. I am excited to see the new Finals 2-2-1-1-1 this year. It kinda negates home court advantage. I think they should play in a neutral court like they do for the Super Bowl. Let their game be what determines the outcome and not the fans. I hope the new Brooklyn Nets make a run and stomp the heat out.  I love watching basketball, don't get me wrong, I would just like to hear ALL the news around the league not just the do's and don't's of the Heat and how they can win and why they lost. What about the rest of the teams?  How come they are losing or winning. If there was another team last year that was making a run right behind the Heat, I beat anything they would have got a few seconds of air time the other 30 minutes would be all Heat all the time!!  All I am saying is, how can we be Heat free this season?  What happens if they hardly win a game? They will spend hours upon end of how terrible this team is and what they need to do to turn their season around. My hate for the Heat is just about as bad, if not the same, as my hate for Alabama. But, that's a different topic. Please help spread this around to all the Heat Haters. I hope their are plenty of you out there. Thank you for reading and putting up with my ranting. Have a great night and a great Halloween tomorrow!!

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