Monday, September 25, 2017

I Stand

Over the past year I have seen NFL stars protesting during games to fight for social injustice. Good for you. But now, it has gotten way out of control. The hatred toward blacks, latinos, asians, etc. is not put on the shoulders of our nation's government or our president. The hatred began centuries ago. This fight was fought then which gave us the world we live in today, united. Some people did not believe in the new system and decide to resent the world. Their hatred has spread to their kids. Their kids have been fed false information that they later fed to their kids. Hatred in American is a disease with no cure, only treatment. Pointing fingers at whose fault it is is childish. Blaming one man for the mistakes of billions of people is disheartening. Kneeling during a time that we remember those that gave their lives fighting for our country and who are still out fighting for our country is flat out disrespectful. Yes, all of you say that they have the right to free speech, but I want you to walk into your place of business and try the crap and see if they stand for it. I already know what you are going to say, "That's different". If I am not mistaken these athletes get paid, and very well I might add, to play football. That is THEIR job. Every job has a goal: to reach so many units in a day, selling a specific number of product a day, shipping a specific amount of product in a day, or winning a Super Bowl. Honestly, I can live without watching a football game every Sunday. I do not have a problem with these athletes fighting for what they believe in, just do it differently. While some of you do not not give a rat's ass about this country and what is stands for, others do. I appreciate the country that I live in. I have traveled to Mexico, and the conditions were terrible. We can hate who is in charge, but I can guarantee he does not give 3 shits about what you think, and I believe he has made that clear. He is in charge and pretty much do as he likes. But protesting and destroying the community around you is not going to make things better, only worse. These players make millions of dollars, but are they donating their money to help their cause? If they are it is not public knowledge. Is that not what they are after? To make a change and for the public to help? We know their is a problem with race in our country. Always has and always will. But just as African Americans believe that not all black people are not criminals, not all white people are racist. The media fills the heads of every American with garbage that is not true. That information spreads like wild fire through our nation. We see blacks as murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and gangsters because that is what the news wants us to think. I agree that being an African American in this country is an uphill battle. But hatred is hard to heal, especially with someone that has been raised on it. But black lives do not matter, ALL lives matter. WE all live in the same country and are beginning to start war with ourselves, for what? These NFL players want to kneel during a time of remembrance to fight for equality when nearly seventy percent of blacks are currently employed in the NFL. Instead of showing disrespect to your nation, which is actively cutting you a check, push for more out of these young people. You think this nation is tanking? Wait until you see what happens when the younger generation begin to run out country after seeing all of the disrespect their supposedly "role models" gives to their nation. We ALL are capable of better. We all breath the same air and bleed the same blood. If pissing of the world was your intent, well congratulations, you have succeeded. There are better ways of fighting this fight. Get out into your community and show these young kids to care for their neighbor regardless of the size of the house, the price of their cars, or the color of their skin. We are supposed to be ONE nation. Let's get back to that. Our nation is imploding from the inside. Trump has nothing to do with any of it. Everyone just needs someone to point a finger at. Those who oppose Trump do not like him because he isn't holding their hand. He is telling them to "Suck it up, Buttercup!" People treat our government like their nice aunt or uncle. They step all over them because they know they can get more by doing less. But that is a story for another day. I stand by Trump. I wouldn't fire them though. I would make them inactive and not dress for games until they begin to respect their country and those keeping it safe. I know a lot of you are saying that our country is not safe. Maybe not on the streets, but that is not the fault of our military. That is a problem the hate that us as individuals spread around causes. If you are going to tell me it is hard for an African American to go to college and get an education and become a CEO of a company, you need to back that up with information. It all starts with R-E-S-P-E-C-T! And I am not just talking about blacks. I am talking about each and every one of the people that call this country home. If you respect those who try to help you and more importantly respect yourself, you will succeed, in mind and in life. If you go a job interview with your pants at your knees with a cigarette in behind your ear and tattoos on your face while sporting the latest "420" t-shirt and do not show an ounce of respect and are only in it for the paycheck, do not expect to get that job. It is not a racial injustice that you did not get that job. You are clearly not and ideal candidate for that position. It does not matter WHAT race that gentleman\lady was that walked in that interview room was. He/She is not getting that job. That even goes for law enforcement. If you run from the cops and disrespect them at every corner and appear to be a threat, prepare for the worst. But I am not condoning to killing them. I say get a gun that shoots rubber bullets and peg them until they begin to show respect. And that goes for all races. I am not a racist nor will I or my children ever be. This is just my OPINION. You do not have to like it, agree with it, or read it. I hate people based on their actions, not their skin color. lol:) Their are ways to go about things and their are ways to get shot. Don't get shot! I felt the need to rant because the past month or so has been eating at me, and I needed to get it off my chest. Many won't like it but I did not write it in hopes of people liking it. And before you are quick to correct me on my facts, I am not perfect. The information is not portrayed as accurate. If you comment on my facts, know that I am fully aware that they may be inaccurate. I will delete any comments that I feel are inappropriate. But I do feel a little better, although I doubt any of this will stop anytime soon.

If you read, Thanks. I appreciate it. If not, oh well. I will still sleep soundly tonight.

P.S. I did not proof read, so any comments about grammar or punctuation will be deleted immediately. But thanks for editing my post.

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