Thursday, April 21, 2011

Experimental post!!

Hope you like the background music I added to this post. A little entertainment while you read my boring, funny, and sometimes disgusting posts.

Today was just another typical day, working hard to get through this month.  I completed the jobs I needed to make this month.  Now, I just have to sit back and wait until all the jobs get completed in the system to see if i made my final monthly numbers.  I really hope so!!  I actually got off at 5:15pm today due to there was absolutely NO work to do!  I decided just to cut out and take my chances.

Now to get off the work subject and to let you know how my night is going.  We decided to hit the Mexican restaurant for dinner where I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak Burrito, which was pretty good and I will personally suggest it to anyone!!  My son ordered the kid enchilada and when he got it I swear it smelled like "wet dog"!!  Needless to say he didn't eat it and I can't really blame him.  While we were waiting for our check my son was playing with his hands, crashing into them and making collision sounds.  I ask him what he was playing with and he showed me his hands and i dumbly asked, "What are they?" which my son replied, "My fingers!".  I sat back for a second and asked myself, "Why the hell did I just ask that stupid question?"  I laughed to myself quietly and just let it go, but that was the only stupid thing i did today, OH no!  My second job today I had to replace a drop (line from pole to house for those who are looking like "WHAT?!?!?"). So I hooked it at the house first then to the jump pole (pole between the house and pole at road...come on stay with me now!).  I decided to gaff because I try to do it once a day for 2 reasons: 1. so I always know how to do it and 2. it's good exercise.  I put my gaffs on and started climbing the pole and get all the way to the top (about 16 or 17 feet) I look down and say out loud, "DAMN IT!!!".  that's right ladies and gentlemen...I forgot to bring the line up with me!!!  I had to gaff back down and get it but I decided to put my ladder up this time.  I couldn't believe I did that, but it happens.  

Well thats all tonight.  I am EXTREMELY tired again tonight!!  Thanks for reading and feel free to comment on songs you would like me to background my posts with.  Have a great night everyone!!

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Michael Rhinehart said...

Nice addition with the music man. you will have to let me know how you did that. oh yea would you just let peyton play with his fingers all ready jeez