Wednesday, April 20, 2011

7 to go!!

So for the past 2 days I have been working my @$$ off to meet my numbers at work and as of Saturday I needed 26 jobs to do that.  Well, I volunteered to work until 6:30PM the past 2 days to get as much work in as I could.  Tuesday I completed 10 calls and today I completed 8 calls.  Tomorrow is a new day and I need to complete at LEAST 7 calls!!!  As long as no one else has called in on me in the past 30 days I should be good and I won't get wrote up!!  I didn't get home tonight until after 8:30PM, but I have put in over 22 hours this week already and its just been 2 days!!!  I am EXHAUSTED!!!  I know that it will be beneficial to me in the long run...I hope.

On another note...I was SUPPOSED to get off work today at around noon to make my root canal appointment at 1:00PM.  Well, as I was working I decided that I needed to work all day so I called the dentist to see if I could push it back a little so I could get some more jobs in.  They told me no that today was booked.  Ok, no problem, I can deal with that.  Now 15 minutes has gone by and I decide to call back and see if i can reschedule for later on in the week.  She asks my name and asked what I was coming in for so I told her and she said to me, "Well, your not scheduled to come in until NEXT Wednesday."  That's when I said to my self, "I am stupid! She wrote it down on a card you IDIOT!!!"  So I got to work all day and get more jobs in so all-in-all it turned out ok.

On one of my jobs I had a blown amp in the house box.  If you don't know what an amp is or does, it boosts the signal if you have a lot of TV's.  Well, I changed it out and went in to see if i fixed it and she told me lightning hit by her house this morning around 2AM.  She pointed out her kitchen window to show me the tree it hit and I was amazed what it had done to the tree.  I took some pics to show you what I saw:

This is just some of the bark it blew off.

Lightning + tree + my finger = .
 I was amazed cause it went all the way UP the tree. Almost a perfect line.

.....more bark.

Well, I am done for the night.  Good night guys...and girls!!


Michael Rhinehart said...

keep it up man you can do it.

Michael Reynolds said...

Work smart. Not hard, my friend. You can do it.