Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Random Questions....

Ok, I have been thinking....not intentionally.....and why is it when your dentist wants to know how you have been is when you have a suction thing in your mouth?!?!  I mean, can't we get all the questions out before we start digging in my mouth?  It's ALWAYS at the worst possible time and I just think to myself, "Are you serious or do you really expect me to answer that so you can understand?".  I hate that but they always do it!!

Another thing that bugs me is when you call a help line and get someone from "the other side of the world" and they seem to keep double checking their double checks!  "I told you 5 times already my phone isn't working!" She replies with, "Ok so we need to get dial tone to the phones?"  "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!"  That boils my brain soup right there more than anything!!!  It's always them too!  If you get anyone else they seem to know exactly what to do and have it done in like 10 min.  

Ok, here is a story about a job I went on a while ago.  It was an internet install and she her house wasn't cable ready meaning she had NO cable lines in this house. Well, we talk a few to figure out where she wanted everything so I informed  her on what I would have to do which included running a line under the house. She understood and I began my work.  I started running the line through the garage to get into the crawl space under the house.  So I crawl under her house 2 or 3 times trying to get this line up through the floor. So, I finally get finished with the job and let the customer know I was done and needed an autograph.  She THEN asked me, "Did you have to crawl under the house at all?!" I told her yes ma'am and she went on to tell me her sewage tank over flowed into her crawl space a week or 2 before.  It was fairly dry under the house but I told her that everything looked ok under there.  She asked me to wash my hand which I did and then she hit me with this:  "Well, I guess I should get your name and number in case you die!"  WHAT?!?!  DIE?!?!?  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?  I hope I don't die!  I couldn't stop laughing after I got in my van! That got a laugh around the shop.

Well, thats all for tonight.  Again thanks for reading and have a great night!!

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