Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Blog and my day today

Ok well i am new at this blog thing but i got bored tonight and needed something to do so...........BOOM a new blog was started!!  Well today started off cold....literally.....i woke up freezing!!  It was an amazing 58 degrees in the house, prolly because we left our windows open all night but anyway i was cold. So we got up got ready and went to Huddle House for breakfast which, if you know me well enough, that means WAFFLES!!  I love their waffles!! After that we went to my dads house to get my wife's car's oil changed.  This is the 2nd time i have changed oil my self and i must say i enjoy it!  My dad has showed me a lot of useful information on what to check. Now don't start calling me up and asking me questions.....i'm not that good!  While we were there my son decided to ask his neighbor's kids to play.  He didn't know them at all!!  He's not shy folks!!  To finish up the day we went to my in-laws to grill out and eat hamburgers and hotdogs!!!  They were awesome!!! Then home to take a nap!! That was even more awesome!! After the hour nap, my wife decided to go to the store and get the kids a bat and ball and a kite.  We started with this cheap kite from the dollar store which never flew just spun in a circle and hit the ground like a brick. We got the bat and ball out and let Peyton hit a little and to my surprise he is getting really good and hitting but needs to work on how to not throw like a girl......COME ON SON THROW LIKE A MAN, or at least a boy!! LOL!!!!  My neighbors came over to view our mysterious puppies.  Ok, long story short, I have a long haired Pomeranian dog with i would say is prolly light blond and the puppies she had are short haired WHITE fur with black or brown spots, not sure.  We cannot find for the life of us the father of these!!!  There aren't any dogs in our neighborhood like these puppies and our dog never goes out of our neighborhood.  WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! We are still investigating this situation and i will keep you informed.  Well I seem to have ran out of interesting topics so im gonna leave it at that and watch some Mythbusters!!!  Later!

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Michael Rhinehart said...

Nice start to a new blog man good luck