Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brain Stew

       Ever thought who your doctor sees when he's sick or if your dentist does his own work?  That's what i think about and wonder.  Yes stupid I know but I bet you are thinking about it now!!!!  Well my day has been kinda like that but mostly slow and boring.  I won't bore you with that cause it really wasn't that interesting.  But instead I will enlighten you and give you a nice recipe of what like to call Brain Stew!! Enjoy!!

       First on my agenda is stupid and careless drivers.  Too many people today are either preoccupied with something whether it be phones or just being plain stupid.  I had a guy almost run me down today at work and he jerked his steering wheel to get back in his lane.........really........didn't see that Comcast van right there? That's like a jet liner almost hitting another jet liner.  IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO SEE!!!!! Also those drivers that ride the right lane on the interstate or just on a two-lane highway when they know the whole damn time they need to turn left.  To these people, I hope you run into a statue of David and his giant concrete sack falls on your face and gives you a scar that is permanent so when asked you have to say David's sack fell on your face!!!

       Next is our dear president Obama........(deep breath).........(exhale).  What are you doing to so call "change" anything?!?  Next election I am going to enter my son and I bet he gets more votes that he does and I bet he could make more happen that him.  I heard our soldiers over seas may or were getting there assets frozen. What about you Mr. President?  Can we freeze yours? Or how about we garnish yours and invest that in getting our soldiers home?!?!  There are many families out there scared that there loved ones are not coming home and the only thing you can do is freeze their assets??  Also I am sick of all the press conferences you do! Every other day you are taking up valuable air time bullshitting your way through a conference when millions of people could be watching Price is Right!!!  Guess what Obama? The price is wrong, BITCH!!!!

       Here is another random thought I just had........our plumbing, cable, and electric lines run under our house so why do we have to crawl through mud and bang our knees on excess concrete that has dried under black plastic that we didn't know what there until we NAILED our damn knee on it and cried like a little girl? Why can we all have nice concreted basements to WALK in to replace or repair all these things?  Wouldn't that be easier?!?!?!   I mean come on think a minute. Do you wanna have to belly crawl 100ft to replace any of that? I didn't think so!! I rest my case. Key words here are "walk" and "basement"!!!! 

       One thing that did happen today that I could stop laughing at just happened about an hour ago.  I came home from work and changed to go outside to play a little baseball with my son. After about 30 or 45 minutes of us playing, my wife decided, "Hey, i wanna hit some!"  So I continued to pitch to her and to my surprise she was actually hitting the crap out of it.  Well she let my daughter swing at one on her own and if you don't know my daughter she is short and 2.  She swung at this ball LONG after it went by her and fell to the ground.  My wife looked at me and said. "She got her batting skills from you!"  I replied, "No she gets it from you because I don't suck that bad!"  She simply replied (loudly i might ask), "Uh ugh I NAILED THOSE BALLS!"  I then found myself laughing hysterically and looking around to see if anyone was outside, which, there wasn't or it would've been much more funny!  Good one, babe!!!

     Lastly, I would like to make a shout out.........no...wait....I mean shout at........those people that make a big deal about shit no one can help.  For example, if a storm comes through and knocks your service line whether it be cable, power, or phone.  We can't help that but we can fix it it just takes time so please BE PATIENT AND WAIT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WITHOUT SERVICE!!!  There are millions of people that want there service back on and you bitching and whining isn't getting it fixed any faster so SHUT UP AND WAIT!!!!  Also, what has the world coming to that we offer caller ID on our TV's and PC's??  I mean, REALLY??!?!?!?   GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP AND ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE!?!?!?!?! People sit back and study why our society if being consumed by obesity...............GET UP OFF YOUR ASS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE AND MOVE AROUND!!!!!!!  And if you think I am talking about you.....don't worry.........I prolly am!!!!!! 

      Ok I am finished for tonight.  I am sure you are sick of my complaining and randomness.  Everyone please have a good night and I leave you with this Brain Worm:

"If the world will end December 22, 2012 why do we keep making plans for 2013?"

So everyone shut up about the world ending if you are planning events after this date!!!


Tipper said...

You know,some people actually do need those Caller ID's on the tv. Think of the elderly people who might not wanna get up to answer a call from a telemarketer, but would love to hear from their grandkids.

Derrick said...

Yeah your right but i'm not talking about elderly people. I am talking about those that can get up and answer the phone.

Michael Rhinehart said...

Its about time she nailed those balls. this made me laugh my ass off.