Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Day!!

Well today was kinda crazy and very painful.  This morning I woke up and got Peyton ready for school and fed him some COOOOOOOOKIE Crisp cereal and got him off to school.  Came home done some laundry and watch my DVR'ed CSI's  and the 2 MacGyver movies I haven't yet seen, which were pretty good I must say.  Must see movies!!!  My problems didn't start until I realized I only had 2 diapers to last me all day.  Well, I went through those fairly quick and tried the rest of the day to put her in Underwear and try to do some potty training.  Well......let's just say she would tell me she had to potty AFTER the she went in her underwear!!  Kaydeebug that's not how this works, baby girl! You need to tell me BEFORE you go, not after! As if that wasn't bad enough, I have been having toothaches that are EXTREMELY painful and I have just been too lazy to call the dentist or just forgot until it started hurting again.  Needless to say I am calling tomorrow to make an appointment and resolve this issue!  Now, my wife is home and not having a good day and I am trying my best to turn it around but so far I am not succeeding.

I just have to add.....if you aren't a MacGyver fan I suggest you get online and watch an episode and I PROMISE you will be hooked like I was back in the 90's! LOL!! All it is is a guy using chemistry and physics to accomplish jobs and subdue enemies.  It's a good educational show for your kids as well!!

As you know, yesterday we had some friends over and our kids played on a slip and slide.  I just want to update you and tell you that we all got fried outside and as you remember my son's shorts kept falling down, well the top part of his butt got burnt where his shorts kept falling down and I have been laughing every time I see his butt.  Now we are ALL in the bed watching Wonder Pets on Nick Jr.  That's it for today.  I hope everyone has a good night and a great day tomorrow!!  Night all!!

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