Monday, April 11, 2011

Good food and friends!!

Had a blast hanging out yesterday with friends and all the kids!  We all cooked out, ate and watched the kids play in the pool and on the slip and slide. I got sunburned yesterday some how because I wasn't in the sun that much.  If you don't know me I am PALE white and I try to stay in the shade so that I don't get burned but that didn't work for me yesterday.  My son, although, couldn't keep his trucks up so he started answering us to the words "BUTTCRACK" and anytime we said it he would pull his shorts up so we had a kick out of that too.  Of course, we couldn't just sit and watch the kids have fun so we were out slipin' and slidin' with them. I have a video of me that i will post later because someone else took it.  I got AIRBORN on this slide and it was painful.  I think I landed wrong or something cause I could't breathe for a minute!  I also must add that I got my head shaved yesterday and it was FREE......cause my wife did it!!  She did a good job too I might add.  I'll tell you one thing it feels a lot better than the mop I had going on!!  I'll have pics of my before and after pics on here later when I have some extra time!!  Well that's all for now i have to go pick my son up at preschool.  Hope everyone has a good day!!

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