Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ever thought...

Today I was driving around thinking some very random thoughts that had me thinking I have too much thoughts.

I know you have been wondering who comes up with the names of stuff.  Well, thats what got in my head today when I got behind a school bus. Now the brand of a school bus is a Blue Bird, but the bus is bright...yellow.  Canary yellow at that!  Why not make it blue because, honestly, I haven't seen a yellow blue bird before and if you have please let me know.  I would love to see that!! 

Next is an aircraft's "black box".  Who named a bright orange box the "black box" and what was he on when he decided that?!?  I bet it was kinda like, "So what do you want to call this bright orange box?!" and he probably replied, " Ummm...black box sounds good, right?!?".  Sure..........we will go with that.

That's all I have for tonight but I want to ask one more question and I want you to comment and answer the question and then I will post why I asked this question.  The question is:

What is your favorite activity to do on the beach?

Have a good night!  Thanks for reading!!!

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