Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sick as a Bug!!

So today has been kinda hectic.  Woke up to a sick little girl this morning but not a throwing up little girl. That's a plus is my book!!!  We gave her Gatorade and Jello and she seemed to be keeping it down....for the moment....and then....BOOM!!  We found our self stripping the sheets off our bed and washing them.  We called my mother-in-law to come over to see if she could calm her down and as soon as she came over and picked her up she did it again...but in a bucket.  We decided that something has to give and took her to the Emergency Room where they took blood and hooked her up on an IV for an hour. Then, we went home to relax and watch a movie, but she was squirming, kicking, and screaming.  I went to Wal-Mart to get some diapers and dinner and when I got back she was sleeping.  Before I left we gave her some ibuprofen and it must have kicked in because she woke up and walked in the kitchen and said, "I feel better!".  We just changed her diaper and she peed for the first time since 7:30 this morning and then, while I was sitting here typing this up, I started smelling this AWFUL smell.  It was coming from my daughter so I changed her diaper and OH MY GOD!!!  Nothing like that should come from anyone's butt!!!  That was TERRIBLE!!!  I would describe it but I would make myself sick and probably you!  Now we are eating dinner and hoping and praying she gets better over night!!  I am just thankful we didn't have to stay the night in the hospital....again.  Well, that's my day today.  Thanks for reading!! Have a great rest of the night!!

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