Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smoker's Digest

Okay, I know I'm not a smoker but lately they seem to be everywhere and don't seem to care about the people around them.  I personally don't smoke but it seems to me if you have the will power to start smoking you would have more will power to take a look at yourself and make that change to stop and better your health.  Ask yourself this, if you do you business outside, "Why am I out here in the freezing cold just to puff on this cancer stick?"  Lots of people will go outside or in their garage just to tend to the habit.  I don't see the point when you could use that energy to do something else like fix that light that has been busted for months or tighten up a screw on the rocking chair so it will stop squeaking.  If you count the steps you take to go outside or wherever you go you could turn around and use those steps for good instead of wasting that energy for a useless activity that will one day turn your health bad and possibly hospitalize you.

This is for those who smoke inside.  Inside smokers are inconsiderate because they will eventually have guests and no one wants to go in a smokers house because it smells like an ashtray and you can barely breathe.  It gets on their clothes and they walk around all day everyday smelling like smoke.  Even people walking down the street don't think about those who don't wanna smell the odor of their cigarette.

I don't see how people can promote such an item.  If the warnings were bigger on the packages and we plastered posters all over the world about the health risks they cause would you still buy them and continue further risk your health for a lousy cigarette?  I know it seems like I am just complaining, but I am really not.  I hate seeing people killing themselves everyday smoking and dipping even alcoholics but that's a different post, LOL.  I want the see the world, on day, a better smoke-free place.  Why do you think restaurants banned smoking?  No one wants to smell smoke while they are trying to enjoy a nice meal with their family.

I wish I could do more to promote a smoke-free world but everyone doesn't care about their health.  Most people walk around with the attitude "We live, we die" but who says we have to die young or before our time?  We control our future and the outcome of how we spend our lives.  How would you feel if you planned on having children one day but the your smoking cause complications and you no longer could have the opportunity?  It would destroy the rest of your life.  Here's another great thought: what if you want to live to see your grand kids grow up and be a part of their lives but smoking caused lung cancer and you died a week before they were born.  No one wants this to happen and that's why YOU need to use the will power everyone knows you have and STOP!!

I know I am gonna get someone to comment and have negative thoughts but I encourage that because I would LOVE for someone to let me know the positive outcomes of smoking, besides marijuana we know it is prescribed for cancer.  I apologize for those who feel offended, this was not to point fingers or criticize its been bugging me and that's what blogs are for, even though I have just a very small audience.  If you get anything out of this let it be a positive experience.  I would love to hear from people that took this to heart and decided to stop.  Feel free to leave comments.

As always thanks for reading and have a great night!!!

And just for the record this wasn't wrote because of you Michael!!  LOL!!!


Michael Rhinehart said...

Sure that was not for me, but I will have to ask you tomorrow who that was for . And even though I am a smoker I liked the post.

Erik Whitley said...

Caught my eye, lol! You've made valid points. Sadly, most smokers fear (yes... actually FEAR) living day to day without their comforting habit. Disgusting habit, true. Part of the fear is failing and hearing "Oh... but you were doing so well..." from everyone around them. And, it must be noted that quitting cigs is actually proven to be more difficult than quiting heroin! Can you believe it? That is probably due to the ease of access, the plethora of visual stimulants (hey... my friend is going for a smoke break! Think I'll join him!), the social aspect of standing around "smokin' and jokin", and of course sexy people on tv or in the movies having a smoke. It sadly doesn't look sexy in real life... but have a smoker watch a movie (say... Pulp Fiction) where smoking is involved and the trigger is pulled. Well... that's my two cents. Gotta step outside now (jk)!