Friday, May 20, 2011

What a Week!!

This week started terrible!! Well Monday through Wednesday went good...until Wednesday night. I am gonna give you my timeline that night:

8:00PM - Started getting ready for bed.

8:45PM - Peyton said his tummy hurt.

9:00PM - Peyton comes into our room and said he puked in the hall.

9:15PM - Cleaned up and sent him to bed.

9:45PM - Kaydee comes to our door and said she puked in her bed.

10:00PM - Cleaned up and put both kids in Peyton's bed.

10:15PM - Peyton came into our room and said Kaydee puked.

10:30PM - Got all that cleaned up put Kaydee in shower to get her cleaned up and kids laid in our bed.

11:00PM - Peyton woke up puking.

11:30PM - Cleaned that up and made a pallet in our bedroom floor for the kids.

11:50PM - Kaydee puked again!!! Put her in the shower to get her cleaned up. Put her back to bed.

12:10AM - Kaydee puked again!!!! This time it was her last.

Finally got some sleep and took the day off work Thursday to watch the kids and I swear they acted like that night never happened. They were up the next morning playing and laughing and fighting with each other. I was the one that was sick, but LUCKILY I didn't puke. Kids were good all day and kept all their food down. I woke up Friday morning to my wife getting sick....loudly!!! LOL!! She got sick 7 or 8 times today but finally got to feeling better...thank god!!! I am glad this week is almost over!!!

Well thanks for reading and sorry I haven't posted in a while. My dogs chewed my laptop charger in half while I was using it and I fixed it and they chewed through it again!!! I just got my new one today so my posts will be a little more daily. Have a great night and keep healthy!!! LOL!!!
12:20PM - Kayde puked again!!!!!! Put her in the shower again

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