Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gun in school...

     I have an opinion just like anyone in America and I like to share it every once in a while. My topic in today is guns in school.  I read about a school in California that is arming officers with assault rifles. Really?!? A little extreme if you ask me. I think the logic is strange. To keep guns OUT of our schools we need to put MORE guns IN school? I don't see where they are going with this. In my opinion, they SHOULD have an armed officer at every school. I don't disagree with that, but why don't we add maybe a security check at every entry? Kinda like at Disney Theme parks and airports. Have someone checking all items that come into schools. Maybe even a metal detector at all doors. The violence needs to stop in our schools and just in general. You have the kids that get no discipline from their parents that walk around schools thinking they are untouchable because they know their parents aren't going to do anything about it. A lot of parents out there get ruled by their kids because they want them to like them and not hate them. Guess what?!? A disciplined parent is a better parent than a parent that gives their child freedom to do whatever. A lot of violence in schools start with those kids and the kids that get told by their parents if someone bad mouths you just rear back and punch them in the mouth. It seems, to me at least, that bad parents are to blame for most fights in school. I see a lot of bad parenting in my line of work. Infants sleeping in a crib surrounded by 5 people smoking, or 2 to 3 year old kids running around a house filled with dog feces and urine, or a mom that beats their kid for asking for something to eat too many times.. I have seen a lot of situations where I should have called Child Services but I just can bring myself to do it. These kids I promise you will grow up and be taught all the wrong things. Be a parent and give your child clean air and freedom to run around a sanitary home. Some people aren't meant to be parents  and don't care what happens to their kids. It just makes me sick.
     Well, I think I have probably touched some nerves today so I will end there and say goodnight. Thanks for reading and please follow and continue to read.

To read the article of the California school that issues assault rifles to officers please go here:

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