Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How Facebook can get you fired!

     Ok. If I post a picture on my Facebook of me tying my kids up don't take it out of proportion.  I enjoy having fun with my kids and most the time they ASK me to do the most ridiculous things! I go along with it because I enjoy seeing a smile on my kids face! I read in an article today of a school teacher that is being investigated for taping her students mouth with duct tape, snapping a picture and posting it to her personal Facebook page. Give me a freakin' break people!!! If it were done against the students' will don't you think they would put up a fight or someone would run out of the class room and find help?!? Does anyone ask the teacher or students what happened?!? Do they just get in there meeting room and pile all of her past on the table and determine whether it's enough to terminate a hard working woman that has, more than likely, gave all of her time to that school?!?  A joke is a joke and leave it at that. Are teachers NOT allowed to joke with their students?!? As a former student I enjoyed the classrooms that were fun AND very educational. Let the teachers be. Unless they are yelling, cursing, calling out a student, beating or anything that constitutes bad teacher behavior THEN we can sit down and talk about the consequences. I am on this woman's side when it comes to the situation. All of these news stories that shouldn't even be news stories are getting on my last nerve! Give me a REAL news story. Like everything that the political world has going on. THAT is what is the big issue is right now not a teacher joking around with her students.
     To all of those big wigs out there that are looking for ANY way to cut down costs...there are better ways that jumping on an opportunity that you see fit to fired someone. THINK about what you are doing before you decide to make it a news story. That's all my rambling for the night. For all those that read this, thank you for taking your time and I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to follow and post comments.

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