Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rough Day and randomness

Man......I am beat today!!  You never know the true damage of a big storm until you work for a utility company.  Trees knocking down cable lines, lightning frying our amps and splitters.  Its crazy the things we have to go repair over and over again.  It just wears on ya and just tires you out.

While I was at work I got a call from my wife telling me she was leaving work and taking my daughter to the doctor because she broke a night light bulb in her mouth and swallowed some  glass.  She wasn't bleeding but they took her as a precaution to take x-rays and make sure there is no internal damage.  We are just watching her close. That scared the hell out of me but when she explained everything to me it calmed me down a lot.

So, have you ever had those dreams where you are running from someone or something and you can never seem to get a footing or even stand up?  Why is that? That gets on my nerves and I just wake up out of frustration! But I tell you that to tell you seems like I dream some amazing stories for movies.  I wake up in the morning and ask myself what the hell was that?!?  I have some crazy dreams but I can't seem to remember any of them or at least none have been good enough to give a second though but when I remember a good one you can bet your ass I will let you know.

Well, I am out of interesting things to say...not saying all that was but hey.  Hope everyone has a good night cause I know I will cause I am extremely tired.  Night all!!

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