Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Joy of Fatherhood

When I was a teenager I loved going out with friends and just hanging out maybe get into a little trouble.  Staying up all night playing video games and drinking an entire 24 pack of coke. Those were the days.......!  I remember the time me and some friends went to this "haunted" church to determine for ourselves whether it was haunted or not.  We got there and went in to check it out and of course it's pitch lack and all you can see were blue flames from the heathers they had on (which was kinda spooky in itself).  We walked around for a few minutes and decided to go upstairs and check out this room.  My friend started to open the door and got it not even half the way open and........BAMMM!!!!!!  The door slammed shut and she turned to me and said, "That wasn't me!" so we RAN out of there as fast we can got in our car and left!!!  We got a little ways down the road and decided to go back and check it out but it was all good when we rechecked it.

I know your asking yourself, "Why is he telling me this?!?" Well, because when my son was born, I have become a completely different person from what i was as a teenager.  With birth of my son, I feel like i have became a little more maturer and a lot more responsible. I find myself driving down the road yelling at all the kids with their system pounding in there cars and then I realize, "IDIOT, I had one when i was in high school and used to blare it all the time day or night!"  Kids can change your life for the better or the worse but it's up to you to determine how it affects your life.  For me, it was for the good!!  The down side of it is, it's hard to find time to hang out with friends because we either have to bring them or find a babysitter which is tough sometimes.  I find myself wanting to stay at home a lot of the time anyone just to hang out and see what my kids get into. LOL! If you are wanting kids or trying for kids, I wish you good luck in your efforts and I hope you take my advice and enjoy every minute of being a father and/or mother!!

The reason behind this post tonight is because my son asked me, "Daddy if i eat all my food and after we clean my room can we watch a movie of when you were little?"   How can you turn that down?  We are sitting here now (Thurs. April 7, 2011 @ 8:33PM) watching one of my pee-wee football games.  It must be super boring cause he fell asleep.  Oh well!!!!! LOL!!

Well I believe thats all for tonight, but before I go I want to ask a quick question that asked my wife and she couldn't answer and i wonder if anyone could answer it truthfully.  My father-in-law is a firefighter and he went on a call today for a wreck and she said that he described the lady as in the wreck as being pregnant and she had to be life flighted.  I thought to myself a minute and asked her this:

"If your were pregnant and got into a serious car accident and survived but the baby died whereas you would've died if you were not, would you be thankful that you survived or would you wish it would have killed you and spared the baby?"

She couldn't answer that and i was just curious.  Well goodnight all!!  Have a great night and a better day tomorrow!!


Tipper said...

You know, when i start reading these things, the chainlink fence in the background becomes 3d.

Michael Rhinehart said...

I bet your son is just trying to soften you up for something he wants you to buy him.