Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tragic Day and the news to me

My post today is going to be dedicated to those who lost their lives this week in the tornadoes in Alabama, Tennessee, and Missouri.  The death toll is up to at least 250 lives and it's a terrible day for the loved ones of those who died.  I pray for those who lost someone and I hope they can make it through these tough times.  Tornadoes rip through houses and toss freight trains like toys and are nothing to play around with.  You must take extreme caution when a tornado could be in the air.  Let's be safe and make sure this never happens again. Keep everyone in their prayers and hearts.

My day wasn't all that interesting today so I won't bore you with that.  I wanna talk about what I heard in the news today.

First on my agenda, not sure if anyone heard about this but in Cheney, Washington a man was arrested for supposedly "stealing" some .99 cent sausage....come on....REALLY?!?!  The man said he simply forgot to pay for them and told police that he would gladly give the money for them.  I think that the police don't get that much action in Cheney and saw this as an opportunity to use swift justice.  This is the most ridiculous case I have ever heard of in my life.  This even went to court in front of a jury.  Talk about a was of our tax payer's money!!  Let the man pay for his sausage and allow him to be on his way.  IT'S JUST SAUSAGE!!!

Next, a man in Starke, Florida was arrested for making video tapes of women tanning in his tanning beds.  The thing that makes this weird is the the tanning bed was in the BARN in his backyard........DUH!!!  I don't think he needs to be arrested, I think the women on his tapes need brought in and have their hair dyed blonde and beat with a Nerf bat until they realize why they're being beat.  I mean, would YOU go to a barn behind a guys house to tan just to save a few bucks?!?  I didn't think so.  If you did you should not press charges because you were stupid to do that in the first place.

Another one for ya...Antoine Dodson got arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possesion and charged with speeding, violation of Alabama's mandatory liability insurance law and two counts of failure to appear in court on an old traffic violation.....WHO CARES!!!!   He got auto tuned by someone who got bored and thought it would be cool (I did enjoy it by the way).  He isn't famous and does this surprise anyone that he was arrested?  Not me.  How did he become part of the everyday news?!?  I could care less what he does.  That's just ridiculous to me but whatever!

Okay, I think I have rambled on enough tonight.  I hope you enjoyed if not......sorry.  Have a good night and thanks for reading.  By the way, if you are into the draft, the Tennessee Titans first round pick 8 was QB Jake Locker from Washington.  Just a little info for ya!!

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