Monday, April 25, 2011

Work Update!

I have been posting about my numbers at work and I just wanted to let everyone that has read my post about making it this month that all that work......has paid off!!!  I made my numbers and have another month to prove myself.  I have to be at 8.25% or under to meet my goal!  That means that 8.25% of my jobs can call back in within 30 days of me being out there and I will be ok.  I am sure I an make it happen because if not...well...lets just say that I will have a close eye on me for 6 months.  I was excited to hear that I made it and if I continue on the road I am on I will for sure make my numbers!!

In other updates, I fixed my disaster from today with the help of my dad.  I can't believe all of that happened at once!  Just my luck, right?  All is well now in the Fowler house except for the two puppies peeing and pooping EVERYWHERE and the only way I know they did is by stepping in it!  I absolutely HATE stepping in it and it make me  sooooooooo mad I can't stand it!!  Just 2 more weeks and they will be gone!!!  They already have homes so I just have to wait 2 weeks.

I have a nice and smooth week ahead of me this week.  Wednesday I get off work at noon to go to the dentist and I am off Saturday for a work gathering called "Comcast Cares".  We are building bookshelves for schools and have a food drive too.  It's free and if you would like to come and get some food and just have some fun it will be Saturday, April 30th at Two Rivers Pkwy in Nashville, TN.  Please join us and bring your kids there will be lots of things for kids to do there!!

Well, I am off here for the night.  Thanks for reading and have a great night!!!

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