Sunday, May 22, 2011

New words for radio to censor

I listen to the radio a lot because I drive a van around most the day.  I have listen to 102.9 the Buzz every morning until around 9 or so.  Afterwards, I switch it back and forth between 102.5, 104.3 105.9, 107.5 and 92.9. On 107.5 I heard a new word that I thought was kinda strange that they started censoring.  This word is thrown around all day long. Some probably considered sexual harassment but the other we use in schools to discuss, teach, and learn different things about it.  I don't understand this word censor at all and if someone could explain then I would be much appreciate it.  If we can't say this word what are we supposed to use in its place?  I know you are wondering, "COME ON, TELL ME THE WORD!!!" well here it is:  "SEX".  How or why would you bleep that out?  They say it on television all the time and 102.9 in the mornings says way worse stuff than that everyday.  I don't see how they can censoring it out on the radio but okay it for national televised programs everyday.  I am just confused and need some answers. Sex is, to me, a clean word that describes the activity of two people who are in love.  We can't drop the F-bomb so what do we call it? Intercourse? That's gonna be weird and very awkward to try to explain to a friend that I just had intercourse with that chick from down the street.  Sex shouldn't be considered profanity so why would they all of a sudden decide to bleep it?!?! Oh well, that's just my 2 cents.

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Anonymous said...

i hope your never having to explain to a friend that you just had intercourse with a girl down the street....and sex is considered a private topic. We dont want our children hearing it and thinking its something ok for them, so maybe its a good thing that the radio is being conservative.~ Sara